Runji Consulting Group

Water Conservation, Wildlife & Livestock Programme

Name of Client: International Federation of Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Narrative Description of Project: Design of Kenya Millennium Dam for Water conservation for Wildlife & Livestock under the funding of IFAD for Ol Jogi Farm.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Final Design and tender documents of Millennium Dam consisting of

(i) 14 M High x 453.5 M long compacted earthfill embankment (Fill=112,334m3, Water depth 11.5M, Reservoir Surface Area 30.8Ha, Live Storage= 1,306,495m3, and Dead Storage=64,600m3)

(ii) Drawoff by Mobile Diesel Pumps

(iii) Natural Drainage Catchments Basin 32 Km2

(iv) Spillway Works- 2 Nos x 35M wide open earth channel ( Inflow Design Flood (IDF)= 215m3/s, 1 in 100 Year Return Flood), and (v) 35m concrete sill weir at control section. River/Source: Ephemeral lagga-tributary of Nanyuki River: 11.5M x 2.8M High Concrete diversion weir. Flood Water Conveyance Canal (Transfer from Nanyuki River)-10 Km Open unlined earthen trapezoidal section, maximum discharge capacity Qm=5m3/s.

Country: Kenya          Project Location Within Country: Laikipia District, Nanyuki

Start (month/year) September 2001   Completion(month/year) May 2002

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