Runji Consulting Group

Small Dams, Pans and Ponds Evaluation/ Assessment Study

Name of Client:  DANIDA

Narrative Description of Project:  Kitui, Makueni Earthfill Embankment Dams and Pans Technical Evaluation (Audit, 60 dams) Study: Technical Evaluation of 60 small earth dams and pans constructed by machinery (Kitui) and Makueni (hand labour) under DANIDA District Development

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Embankment stability analysis, soils field investigations and laboratory testing/analysis report, hydrological & hydraulic analysis, environmental and social impact assessment and preparation of Guide/Reference manual for district engineers and works supervisors. Cost estimates were prepared for the projects in the two districts. Recommendations on training and community participation in planning, design, operation and maintenance were elaborated

Country: Kenya                      Location Within Country: Makueni & Kitui Districts, Kenya

Start (month/year) September 1997   Completion(month/year) November 1997

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