Runji Consulting Group

Semi Annual Dam Inspections

Name of Client: Athi Water Services Board

Narrative Description of Project: The main objectives of the study are to carry out the following: Dam Break Study to assess the likely distress in the downstream area in the event of dam break or failure. An assessment of inundation of the area and villages, duration of submergence, losses incurred etc. due to propagation of the flood wave created as a result of the dam failure and preparation of a Disaster Management Plan.  Review of design flood and spillway capacity for safety evaluation and suggesting measures required for updating the hydrological safety of the Dam. To check the stability of dam and suggest measures for the safety of dam.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Checking of various dam design parameters and inspection of ongoing works to ensure compliance with ICOLD safety  

Country: Kenya          Location within Country: Central province.

Start Date:  October 2006                  Completion Date: December 2010

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