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Mataara Mini-hydro Development on river Chania for KTDA

Name of Client: KTDA- (Kenya Tea Development Agency)

Narrative Description of Project:  Develop relative cheaper and more reliable power sources and by so doing increase the earnings of the small-scale tea farmer by reducing operating costs chief among them the cost of the energy. The project also presents an opportunity of offloading any excess power generated to the national grid of Kenya Power and Lighting and thus earns other type of income.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Detailed

Engineering Designs, Drawings and Engineer’s Estimate and Preparation of Bid Documents. Supervision of Construction works in addition, installation of RGS at Mataara for flow monitoring

Country: Kenya                     Location within Country: Gatundu North, central Province and Tana Basin

Start Date: February 2010                                        Completion Date: October 2016

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