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Makueni (Wote) Sewerage Master Plan and Detailed Design of Phase 1.(2) Wote Township Water Supply

Name of Client: Ministry of Local Government, on behalf of Wote Town Council

Narrative Description of Project: The Water supply of the Township was the main sub-project of the combined “Water Supply and Sanitation Project” was intended to supply safe and potable water to the area of Wote Township. The Sanitation sub-project was at the same time come up with sewerage options for disposing and treating the waste water arising out of the improved water supply to the Township.

Various options were investigated and finally a gravity based option, with full treatment was

recommended. The ultimate demand was 1,300 m3/day to serve an ultimate population of about 9,500.

The sanitation component entailed: On-site sanitation, septic tanks, ablution blocks and ECOSAN toilets

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

  • Preparation of Pre-Feasiblity Study, Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Designs
  • Preparation of Bid Documents, Engineer’s Estimate Land acquisition plans

Country: Kenya          Location within Country: Makueni District, Eastern Province

Start Date  March 1993                      Completion Date March 1997

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