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Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

Runji & Partners joined Worley Parsons RSA (PTY) LTD, who have been contracted by  Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP) to render  Project Management services for the 300 MW power project being developed in the Marsabit County of Kenya, the biggest wind farm of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP) is poised to provide 300 MW of clean power to Kenya’s national electricity grid by taking advantage of a unique wind resource in North west Kenya near Lake Turkana.

The LTWP project, €623 million, is the largest single wind power project to be constructed in Africa and is, to date, the largest private investment in the history of Kenya and arguably one of the most complex and challenging project financing undertaken in the renewable energy space in sub-Saharan Africa.  The project is a key deliverable under the Government’s commitment to scaling up electricity generation to 5,000MW and is a flagship project within the Vision 2030 programme.  The LTWP project will provide cost effective renewable power to the Kenyan consumer and will comprise approximately 20% of Kenya’s currently installed generating capacity.

The wind farm site, covering 16,200 ha , is located in Loyangalani District, Marsabit West Sub-County, in North-Western Kenya, approximately 50 km north of South Horr Township.  The project will comprise 365 wind turbines (each with a capacity of 850 kW), the associated overhead electric grid collection system and a high voltage substation.  The project also includes upgrading of the existing road from Laisamis to the wind farm site, which is partly financed by the Dutch Government and is a distance of approximately 204km.  In addition, the project will build an access road network in and around the site for construction, operations and maintenance.

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