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Kenya Horticulture and Traditional Food Crops Development Project- Irrigation and water supply component

Name of Client: International Federation of Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Narrative Description of Project: Design of Nettie Dam for Floriculture development under the funding of IFAD for Karangaita Farm.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:  Final Design and tender documents of Nettie dam.  The dam supplies water for Floriculture development and has a 60,000m3 storage capacity.  Main elements in the final design include (i) 8m high earth dam (ii) 3.5 Km open canal for irrigation water and (iii) 4Km, 90mm–63mm diameter PVC for water supply.

Country: Kenya          Project Location Within Country: Laikipia District, Nanyuki

Start (month/year) September 2001   Completion (month/year) May 2002

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