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Gikwa Community Mini Hydro Power Development Project


Narrative Description of Project: The project aims to improve access to modern energy in a selected pilot area in Tana Basin of the TARDA region in Kenya, namely Gikwa in eastern Province, Tharaka District, Marimanti area. The action intends to serve the poor rural communities who are not served by the national electric grid by developing a mini hydroelectric power generating. The beneficiaries will be the rural communities of Gikwa ((4000 households)), local institutions (Pre-Primary Schools, nine Primary Schools, three Secondary Schools, a Tertiary Institution and several Churches) and rural market centres.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering Designs, Drawings and Engineer’s Estimate and Preparation of Bid Documents. Supervision of Construction works.

Country: Kenya          Location within Country: Maraimanti Area, Tharaka District in Eastern

Province and Tana Basin

Start Date:  February 2010                                         Completion Date: January 2011

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