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Feasibility study, Preliminary and Final designs and Social and Environmental Impact Assessment of Nzoia Dam

Name of Client: National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation

Narrative Description of Project: The project involves the design of a 60m high dam approx. 20km off Turbo Town. The principal use of the dam will be for Flood Control, Irrigation, power generation and Supply of water to webuye town, kipkaren town and environs on the downstream of the dam. The scope of the study involves the following: Feasibility Studies of the potential dam sites within the area and selection of the most viable site based on technical and economic considerations; Preliminary Studies and designs of the most viable dam site; Detailed Designs and preparation of Tender Documents Final design of the dam; Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA).

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Preparation of Inception Report, Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Designs. Preparation of Bid Documents and Engineer’s Estimate. Design of water supply boreholes

Country: Kenya          Location within Country: Lugari district, Western Province

Start Date:  February 2010                 Completion Date: January 2011

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