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Feasibility Study and Detailed Designs of Mwache Multipurpose Dam Development on River Mwache

Name of Client: Ministry of Regional Development

Narrative Description of Project: The dam axis is about 8 km off Mazeras in Coast province of Kenya. A large-Scale Multi-Purpose Water Reservoir catering for Public/Industrial Water Supply, Irrigation, and Power Production is envisaged in order to effectively contribute to the Regional and National Social-Economic development. Other specific objectives include Sports and Tourism, Inter-and Intra-Basin Water Transfers, if possible, Fisheries, Silt Load Reduction and Downstream Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainability.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Preparation of Inception Report, Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Designs. Preparation of Bid Documents and Engineer’s Estimate.

Country: Kenya                      Location within Country: Kwale district, Coast Province

Start Date:  October 2010                  Completion Date: June 2012

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