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Feasibility Studies, Preliminary & Detailed Engineering Design of Upper Hill Roads Network Bunyala Bridge

Name of Client: Kenya Urban Roads Authority

Narrative description of Project: Feasibility studies, Preliminary and detailed engineering design of over 17 kilometers of various urban roads in the Upper Hill Area of Nairobi City for widening and expansion to bitumen standards. The design also includes Three Railway Bridges, Underpasses/overpasses ranging in span from 15 – 75 metres and several culverts.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:  Highway Geometric Design, Economic analysis, structural engineering, materials engineering, surveying, preparation of bid documents, cost estimates, environmental and socio-economic studies.

Country:Kenya          Location within country:  Nairobi

Start date (month/year):  June 2011 Completion date (month/year):  2016

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