Runji Consulting Group

Feasibility and Environmental study of RUJEWA – MADIBIRA – MAFINGA ROAD

Name of Client: Ministry of Works

Narrative Description of Project: Runji& Partners ltd, In association with M/s Inter-consult Ltd of Kenya, (Lead consultant), has been carried out a “Feasibility and Environmental study of Rujewa-Madibira-Mafinga Road, Mbeya/Iringa Regions, United Republic of Kenya” (153 km). The objective of the Feasibility and the Environmental study was to identify the most appropriate and economically justified improvement solution to the 153 km long gravel/earth road. All technical, social economic and environmental aspects was to be objectively evaluated during the Feasibility and Environmental Study to determine the viability of upgrading of this road to bitumen Standard.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Transport Economic evaluation, Engineering Surveying, Traffic, Highway and Bridges/structural engineering, socio-cultural evaluation and environmental impact assessment for the upgrading of the road to Bitumen Standard.

Country: Kenya         Location within Country: Iringa and Mbeya Regions

Start Date  June 2003            Completion Date  July 2004

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