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Design, Management and Construction Supervision of Mataara chania small hydro project

Name of Client: Kenya Tea Development Agency Ltd

Narrative Description of Project: In an attempt to reduce operating costs, increasing power supply reliability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during tea processing, KTDA has embarked on hydropower generation, among other initiatives, co-owned by the KTDA managed tea factories located in the East and West of the Rift Valley in Kenya. The projects will be financed on an equity /debt ratio of 35%:65% i.e. Farmers will contribute 35% of the project costs with the 65% balance being sourced externally. The one under this contract is in Gatundu North in central Kenya.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: Basically, the works involve Design, Management and Construction Supervision.  Specifically, Detailed Engineering Designs, Drawings and Engineer’s Estimate and Preparation of Bid Documents. Supervision of Construction works.

Country: Kenya          Location within Country: Gatundu North District of Central Province

Start Date: June 2011                  Completion Date: December 2013

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