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Consultancy Services for Design Review and Construction Supervision of Yamo Dam in Maralal – Samburu County

Name of Client: NWSB- Northern Water Services Board

Narrative Description of Project: The project involves design of a Zoned Rock fill dam with a central clay core. The objective of the project is to harness, conserve, and control and utilize waters of Yamo River for the socioeconomic development of the semi-arid Maralal Township and environs. The dam is intended to provide water supply and hydropower generation.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:  Preparation of Detailed Engineering Designs Review Report, Drawings and Engineer’s Estimate and Preparation of Bid Documents. Supervision of Construction works. Development of a RAP Report and ESIA studies report

Country: Kenya         Location within Country:  Samburu County, Rift valley Province

Start Date: December 2016                                      Completion Date: On-going

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