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Badasa Dam and Marsabit Water supply

Name of Client: National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation

Narrative Description of Project: The proposed Badasa Dam is meant to supply water to Marsabit Town. Marsabit Town is located in the Northern region of Kenya, about 500km North of Nairobi City. It is the main market centre and the district headquarters. Badasa dam site is located about 9km south-east of Marsabit Town. The dam is made of an embankment of 52m height on Buji River and located within Mount Marsabit forest reserve and has the following ancillaries: Scour and Intake works, Diversion Culvert, aw Water Pumping Station, Water Treatment Plant Treated Water Pumping and Booster Stations, Treated Water Rising Main, 250mm diameter and about 10.7km long and Storage Facilities of capacity about 3,000m3 The project also entailed the design, drilling, installation and commissioning of water supply boreholes

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: Design review of the Dam, Super vision of the construction works Design, drilling, installation and commissioning of 5no. water supply boreholes

Country: Kenya                     Location within Country: Marsabit District North Eastern Provinces.

Start Date:  December 2008               Completion Date: Dec. 2010

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