Runji Consulting Group

Roads and Infrastructure

As the dominant means of transport in most countries, roads infrastructure forms a major part of capital expenditure and facilitates economic and social development.

With expertise across engineering, technical and management components of roads, Runji & Partners delivers integrated solutions with focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability through careful consideration and balancing of the various standards, criteria and elements involved. This multidisciplinary offering encompasses the entire lifecycle of the road projects from planning, concept design and detailed design to construction supervision and maintenance.

The company offers innovative solutions for all types of roads from international Trunk roads and national arterial roads to urban and rural roads.

Under this, the firm offers the following services;

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Designs
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Technical, Performance and Financial Audits/Surveys
  • Environmental, Social Impact Studies and Assessments
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Traffic Studies
  • Design Review
  • Rural and Urban Planning.